Synodality in Catholic Education, “We are many, we are one.”

The Catholic Education Week concluded on the 10th of March with a special commemorative mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Suva. The event was attended by the respective Principals, Staff, and students of our Catholic Schools, who proudly adorned their school uniforms for the occasion.

In his address marking the close of Education Week, Archbishop Peter Loy Chong emphasized the significance of Synodality within Catholic Education. He described Synodality as the journey of the people of God together, stressing the importance of listening to one another as members of the Church to discern how God might be speaking to all. This approach, he noted, is exemplified in our schools, where teachers allow students to respectfully teach them, fostering dialogue and student-centered learning environments that nurture young people of faith.

Pope Francis has urged the entire Church to reflect on the theme of synodality, emphasizing its importance for the Church’s life and mission in the third millennium. This journey, inspired by the renewal proposed by the Second Vatican Council, is both a gift and a task. By journeying and reflecting together, the Church can learn from its experiences and identify processes that promote communion, participation, and openness to mission.

Throughout the past week, schools organized activities to explore the theme “We are many, we are one.” These activities allowed teachers and students to reflect on sub-themes such as seeing, listening, reflecting, learning, and acting according to God’s will.